Just Sold Your Car? Here’s Why It’s Important That You Cancel Your Vehicle Registration ASAP in New South Wales

Posted On November 4th, 2019

A very important part of letting go of your car in New South Wales is canceling your Vehicle Registration. This ensures that any reckless behavior a new operator of your former car doesn’t see authorities fining or charging you.

It’s also worth mentioning that it can potentially cost a lot of time and money in proving that you were not, in fact, operating your former vehicle during any wrongdoing.

You can cancel your vehicle registration by visiting your nearest Service NSW Centre.

How to Cancel Your Vehicle Registration in NSW?

The process of canceling your vehicle registration in NSW is rather simple.

Step 1: Download and Complete the Relevant forms

Step 2: Get All the Relevant Documentation

The documentation and information required include:

  • Photo ID/Proof of Identity
  • Title of Ownership/Registration Certificate (if available)
  • The vehicle’s number plates (or a Police Event Number if your vehicle has been stolen or lost)
  • Your payment

Step 3: Visit a Service Centre

You can also cancel your vehicle registration by sending your vehicle plates and documents via mail if you live interstate.

If you want to keep your Vehicle License Plates, they’ll have to be held on reserve at a local Service Centre at an additional cost.

Why Not Cancelling Your Vehicle License Can Cost You?

If you haven’t canceled your Vehicle License, you can be fined or even charged if:

  • A new operator breaks traffic or road rules
  • A new operator is involved in an unlawful activity
  • A new operator drives the car while it is written-off/banned from use
  • A new operator gets a parking fine
  • A new operator is involved in an accident

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