Used Car Buyer

Buying a car is easy – you only need money and most of the times that does the trick. Selling a used car, however, is a completely different ballgame. Putting up notices and spreading word of mouth, then waiting for prospective buyers and dealing with haggling is tedious, to say the least. What should you do then to avoid all this fuss and still manage to get even better cash returns? Contact licensed Used Car Buyers in Sydney like Express Car Removals.

Thanks to over 10 years of serving the people of Sydney, Express Car Removals has a constant stream of clients who want to sell or buy used vehicles. This gives us the ability to get you the highest returns on your used vehicles because we have a better and wider exposure to customers who may be interested in your vehicle. Wondering how you too can get top dollar returns of up to $9,999 in instant Cash for your Used Car in Sydney. Simple! Follow our easy, three step procedure.

  • Give us a call 0437 008 000 and get an obligation free quote by giving our expert appraisers a few details of your used car that you want to sell.
  • If you are happy with our offer, schedule a Free Car Removal service on the same day or any other day of your choice, completely depending on your availability.
  • We will be at your place on your given date and time to hand you over the cash for your car on the spot and remove your used car for free.

Do note that by asking us for a valuation, you are in no way obliged to accept our offer. All our Quotes are absolutely obligation free because we are confident that no one can get you higher rates on your used vehicles and add up as many free services as we do.

Free services

Express Car Removals offers FREE car removals with used car purchase. From paperwork to getting you instant cash payments, we will handle everything while you spend time with your family. Truly focusing on providing convenience to our clients who contact us to sell their Used, Old, or Scrap vehicles, we offer various free services. Contact us at 0437 008 000 for more details!

Why choose Express Car Removals as your Used Car Buyer

  • We are licensed used car buyers in Sydney
  • We save you from wasting money on advertisements
  • Our staff is highly trained and courteous
  • You won’t have to rely on unknown buyers who may or may not fully pay you
  • We offer highest returns on used vehicles in Sydney
  • We operate 24/7, all day and night – even if it’s a public holiday
  • No hidden fees, whatsoever
  • Straightforward and simple process
  • Fast and efficient services
  • FREE car removal services

Express Car Removals offers FREE old car removals to all vehicle owners in Sydney. Your car is roadworthy or not, we don’t care! We will get you top payouts on your old car and remove it for you. At Express Car Removals, we neither charge a towing fee nor do we ask you handle the paperwork. Everything is taken care of by the experienced team of Express. For more details, or any queries, do call us at 0437 008 000 and get appetising offers on your used cars.