Express Car Removals Sydney has served auto enthusiasts for over last 10 years. Now expanding its business to all the suburbs of Sydney, we are also streamlining our services, turning the good to the best. In the last decade, we have managed to serve a long list of clients, maintaining a high level of services by constantly providing the best offers and instant cash returns. We offer a variety of services to the residents and businesses of Sydney, helping you sell all kinds of cars while getting Car Removal services for absolutely FREE.

Certified and highly trained staff at Express Car Removals caters to all your automotive needs in Sydney, no matter what time of the day. Here’s a glimpse at some of our most requested services in Sydney and its suburbs.

Express Car Removal Scrap Cars Services

Cash for Old Cars

Do you have a junk car sitting in your backyard that is getting rusted with time? You are not only wasting tons of dollars by every passing day, but are also harming the environment. You heard that right. Old cars often leak dangerous fluids that seep into the soil and make way to our water resources. Call our expert appraisers today at 0437 008 000 or write us an email at to turn that old car into real cash, real fast!

We deal with every kind of old vehicles, including Vans, Trucks, Buses, 4WDs, and more. No matter what the make or model of your old car is, we will give you the best value on your old cars in Sydney. Having our own scrapyard also enables us to take account of every single salvageable inch of your vehicle. Our services are offered on all kinds of vehicles, including:

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Luxury cars
  • Sports cars
  • Jeeps
  • Vans
  • 4WDs
  • Utes

No matter if your car is running or not, Express Car Removals will turn it into scrap making it possible for you to get the most cash on your old vehicle.

FREE Car Removals

No one wants to spend money on selling an old or junk car. If you have been holding off on a sale because of that, contact Express Car Removals ASAP! With every cash for cars deal, we offer our Car Removal Services in Sydney for absolutely FREE. You own a van or a truck? Those too come under our Free Car Removal offer. Offering 24/7 Cash for Cars offers, we provide fast and hassle-free car removal services. Stuck on the road or need Car Removal Services in your house? Call us at 0437 008 000 and be in for a surprise.

Cash for Scrap Cars

Since we have our own scrapyard, we also accept scrap vehicles. Scrap or junk vehicles are mostly those that have either been completely wrecked in an unfortunate car accident or have rotten to the core as they haven’t been used for over several years. If you believe there is no hope for your vehicle, call us to avail our Cash for Scrap Cars offer in Sydney. Cash for Scrap Cars service is performed by some of the most skilled and experienced appraisers in our team, ensuring you get the most value for your junk car.

One call is all that you need to do. The rest will be taken care by the experts at Express Car Removals, who will come at your doorstep at a time of your convenience to perform FREE car removal and give you instant cash.
There are tons of other services that the staff at Express Car Removals Sydney offers to our valued clients. Call us today at 0437 008 000 or write us an email at to share the details of your car with us.