At Express Car Removal Sydney, while we are only one call away to an instant cash sale, we understand that you may have some questions when it comes to selling your vehicle to us. That is why we have compiled the most common questions and answers below.

  • Q: How much can I get for my car?
    A: That depends on the make and condition of your vehicle. We will make you a cash offer that is determined on the different factors of your vehicle. For instance, if it will be recycled and parts refurbished, then your vehicle will be based on factors like the vehicle’s weight. If it will be resold, then we’ll consider its market value and condition.
  • Q: What do I need to do to get my car sold?
    A: You simply need to contact Express Car Removal and provide our car appraiser with the details of your vehicle- its make, model, age, condition, odometer reading, and vehicle identification number. With that, we’ll make you a cash offer. If you accept that offer, we will ask you to have your title of ownership or scrap certificate to the vehicle to sign, and your photo ID for us to confirm your identity. We also request that you have your vehicle parked in an easy to access area and its plates removed.
  • Q: How long will it take? 
    A: Your car removal will take less than an hour. When our technician arrives he will quickly inspect the vehicle, and then provide the sales contract for you to sign. The entire process takes about thirty to forty-five minutes to complete.
  • Q: How Do I Get A Cash Quote? 
    A: To get a cash quote for your scrap car you simply need to call us on the phone or complete our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.
  • Q: My car is old and no longer worth anything. 
    A: Your vehicle always has value at Express Car Removal. We are a company that buys cars to resell, recycle and refurbish. No matter what the condition of your vehicle, we will make you a fair cash offer.
  • Q: I don’t have the title of ownership to my vehicle
    A: While we do prefer the title of ownership to your vehicle, we can sometimes make an exception. At the time you contact Express Car Removal for a quote, please let our car appraiser know that you no longer have its title. In some cases, we will accept its scrap certificate or possibly its registration.
  • Q: Do you dispose of scrap vehicles? 
    A: Yes, we do! But, not in the manner that doesn’t make it valuable disposal. Our car disposals involve recycling the steel and not working parts of your vehicle, and refurbishing the non-working parts. Our eco-friendly system is one that focuses on the least imprint on the environment and the most cash in your pocket.
  • Q: What about 4x4s & Trucks? Do you buy them? 
    A: Yes. We buy and pay cash for 4x4s & Trucks of any make and condition. Our cash for 4x4s and trucks can mean as much as $10K cash in your hands.

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