Damaged Car Disposal

Selling an old vehicle is a tough job. However, selling a vehicle that is damaged is even more difficult. If your car had to go through an unfortunate accident or if you own a car that you just can’t deal with anymore, this is a call for you. Following the decade old tradition of bringing up the best car buying and selling offers in Sydney, Express Car Removals now brings Damaged Car Disposal services to the clients in this busy metropolis. Don’t have time to deal with the messy disposal of a wrecked vehicle? Just give us a call at 0437 008 000 and let us take care of everything for you.

How does it work?

Do you own a damaged car that is taking up the space in your backyard. In need of instant money or do you simply want to get rid of the bad memories? No matter what the reason, selling a damaged car is always a good decision. Remember, wrecked cars can be dangerous to deal with unless thoroughly inspected and properly maintained. Talk to Express Car Removals and avail our Damaged Car Disposal services in Sydney for free. Wondering how will we offer free damaged Old Car Removal services? Follow this super easy process:

  • Request an instant cash offer using our Online Form or by calling us on phone at 0437 008 000
  • We will offer you obligation-free quote on your damaged or wrecked car
  • Accept it and schedule your free damaged car disposal in Sydney today

We will come to your doorstep and remove the damaged vehicle at absolutely no cost to you. Express Car Removals offers a Damaged Car Disposal service that is fast, efficient, free, but most importantly, eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly wrecking and recycling of damaged vehicles

Express Car Removals strictly follows industry’s environment standards. Considering how dangerous a vehicle that has been in a bad accident can be to environment, Express Car Removals experts handle the damaged vehicles in the most responsible ways possible. When we remove your damaged car in Sydney, we don’t haul it away to carelessly dump it in a landfill. Taking damaged vehicles directly to our wrecking yards, we consciously try to salvage the parts of the vehicle that were safe from the explosion, road accident or any other unfortunate incident.

After trying to salvage as many parts as possible, these components are then either resold or reused by auto or other industries. This also enables us to get you highest returns in cash for your damaged vehicles. Having been serving the clients in Sydney and its suburbs for over 10 years, we are known for our responsible ways of wrecking and recycling damaged cars.

Take our expert word and stop putting your and your family’s health at risk by exposing them to a damaged vehicle at home. Call us at 0437 008 000 and have us dispose it off properly. We accept all makes, models of damaged vehicles no matter what their condition is. You own a 4WD, a Truck, Van, Motorcycle or a Jeep, we accept absolutely everything and break it down consciously.

  • Damaged Cars
  • Accident Vans
  • Wrecked Trucks

Talk to us today at 0437 008 000 for more details and turn your damaged vehicles into real cash.