Where Can I Sell My Mitsubishi Fuso Truck For Top Dollar In Sydney?’ Right Here

Posted On August 20th, 2019

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks are special because the one thing Mitsubishi never puts the brakes on in R&D is driver safety. If you’re looking to ‘Sell My Mitsubishi Fuso for Cash’, you’ll get a fair cash offer for it, no matter which model it is, with Express Car Removals Sydney. & Cash For Cars. Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks come in over 80 configurations – the Shogun, the Loadmaster and the Canter being the three most popular.

We’ll Buy Your Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Today! Sydney Wide FREE Removal

Express Car Removals Sydney buys Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks giving their owners instant cash on the spot for them. We love Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks because we know that Mitsubishi Fuso cares about its drivers’ safety.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Image Sydney

Top Reasons Why We Love The Mitsubishi Fuso


  1. Fuso Trucks are powered by the new Daimler OM 470 11-rail engine whose key feature is a potent decompression engine brake with a force of up to 340 kilowatts.


When you’re traveling at a high speed, on an interstate highway, with a heavy shipment of steel or a shipping container loaded onto your trailer – only the Force can stop you – should a pedestrian emerge from nowhere or a driver accidentally change lanes without signaling to do so.


  1. When it comes to Force, the Fuso has plenty of it


A 340 kilowatts Daimler 6-cylinder rail engine with a pressure booster and an asymmetric turbocharger is the secret.


Besides providing faster, safer braking – this engine delivers more pulling power when you’re revving your motor – very useful when you’re traveling up the many slopes that make up the highway between Sydney, New Castle – and beyond.


  1. The Fuso Shogun delivers safety while also enhancing your truck’s Cabin Comfort – once again demonstrating what Mitsubishi is here for – the long haul


Justin Whitford, the Director of FUSO Truck and Bus Australia, says “the Shogun is a revolutionary model for Fuso and the Japanese Heavy Duty truck market in Australia”.


“It will set new standards for Japanese trucks and deliver our customers a clear advantage thanks to cutting edge Daimler technology that complements its legendary Fuso toughness.”


  1. The Mitsubishi Fuso makes technology and toughness see eye to eye 

It’s something we’ve always recognised at Unwanted Car Removals about the Mitsubishi Shogun and the Mitsubishi range of Fuso trucks in general.


“Because Mitsubishi Trucks perform so well, we are always delighted to pay a high price to buy them off owners looking to upgrade their truck or their fleet.”


Express Car Removals Sydney removes Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks that are fully depreciated

There is little point in keeping an asset like a Truck on your books once it is fully depreciated. It generally gives more trouble than it’s worth to fix.  In these situations, it makes sense to contact a Cash for Car or truck dealer like Unwanted Car Removals and get your vehicle sold within an hour.


Why Sell Your Truck To Us?


  • A well-established family-owned business, Unwanted Car Removals has been in the industry for over 12 years. This experience enables us to provide you with fast service and take care of all your needs.
  • We provide services – many of our competitors don’t. For example, we drive to you to pick up your vehicle – be it a Truck or Car.
  • We have no hidden fees or extras. For example, we do not charge our clients to tow a broken-down Truck or Car to our wrecking yard – we provide the towing service entirely FREE of Charge.
  • Getting a quote for your vehicle is very easy with us. Just give us a call and we’ll tell you how much we’ll pay for your car, truck, SUV, 4WD or ute.


Sell Your Old, Damaged or Scrap Mitsubishi Fuso Truck To Us And Get Cash In Hand Instantly  

Express Car Removals buys old Fuso Trucks because we love them! Fusos – with their reputation for quality, reliability, dependability – care about the safety and comfort of their drivers’ cabin ride – inspire us to also review our own standards of quality and service – ensuring we are always lifting them to new highs. When you sell your Fuso to us, you’ll get paid instantly for it. Our goal is to make the sale easy and convenient for you from start to finish.

If you have a Mitsubishi Fuso you’d like to sell (we buy Mitsubishi Fuso fleets too), please call us at Unwanted Car Removal immediately on 0437 008 000