Factors That Determine The Value of Old Cars In Sydney

Posted On July 10th, 2017

If you are considering selling your car to a Sydney Car Removal Company, you should know that they removal company will make you an offer which you will either have to accept or reject. As a seller, you will be expecting to get top dollars for your old car, but do you know the various factors that will dictate the value of your car, hence dictate whether or not you get top dollars? Here are the various factors that determine the value of your old car in Sydney.

The weight of the car

Most of the Car Removal companies in Sydney will be interested in your old car because of the weight and this is why they usually purchase cars that have stalled for decades. In as much as the car may have some parts still intact, there may be no value for them and the Old Car Removal companies will be interested only in the ‘Scrap Metal’ value of the car and this is heavily pegged on the weight of the car.

Available parts

When you have a car with most of the parts still intact, you are likely to attract top dollars compared to when you have a car with no parts or one whose parts have been extensively harvested for use in other vehicles. The Car Removal Company in Sydney may after buying the car dismantle it and salvage whatever good parts they can land their hands on then sell to other users. Consequently, they are likely to pay you more if your car still has lots of parts intact.

Whether or not your car is operable

If you car is still operable and can run, it means that it still has lots of useful components which can be harvested and used in other cars and the Sydney car removal companies really love such cars and will always give good offers on them. But if the car is not operable, then all that is left is its scrap metal value and as usual, this may not attract a lot of money.

The age of the car

When your car is very old, then the value will also be very low. This is especially the case when you have older models that are no longer in production and whose parts will be completely worthless.

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