Why Sell Your Unwanted Car To A Recycler?

Posted On May 29th, 2017

Selling your unwanted car to a third party or a dealer would mean that the vehicle should be in mint condition in order for you to get a good price for it. They would not be interested in buying your car if it is not in good working condition. In case, your car has been written off or is junk they won’t bother negotiating a price and instead would pay you peanuts for it.

Hence, you should not have to go through all this hassle when you have car removal and recycling companies such as Express Car Removal. We have been offering reliable Cash for Cars and Car Removal services in Sydney for over 10 years.

Here is why you should sell your car to a recycler in Sydney.

Professional, no-nonsense approach

Unlike car dealers or second hand car buyers, car removal and recycling companies are professional in their dealings. A well-established system is maintained to carry out the transactions in a proper manner with the aim of providing customer excellence. Our professional team at Express Car Removal is known for serving customers 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our process is simple and designed in a manner to make the selling phase convenient for the seller.

All types and conditions

Car removal and recycling companies do not bother on the type and condition of the auto. It does not matter if the car has a high resale value or it is completely scrap. It can be a truck or a van of any condition. Express Car Removal will buy it from you as we work as Car Wreckers and recyclers to gain the highest benefit from your unwanted vehicle. You do not have to worry about the type or condition of your vehicle, you can easily get rid of it within a day’s time.

Highest amount of cash

Unlike car dealers or second hand car buyers, car recyclers are not interested to gain profit on the transaction. Instead, they are interested in the metal and auto parts, which is why they pay you the highest amount of cash for your unwanted vehicle. Express Car Removal pays up to $9,999 instant cash in hand for your old unwanted vehicle. We will offer you a free and non-obligatory quote based on our assessment of your vehicle which will give you the highest value of cash on the spot.

 Quick and easy process

Car removal companies offer you to complete the process within the same day or as per your convenience. It is not a lengthy process as we can finish the transaction on the same day of our offer to you. You just have to provide us the details of your vehicle accurately and we will be at your doorstep to remove it and give you instant cash for it.

Free towing

Most of the recyclers offer free towing for your vehicle. Express Car Removal is one of them as we offer Free Towing for our customers all over Sydney. This means that you do not have to pay for the removal nor have to go through the hassle of the process.

Thinking whom to sell your car to and gain instant cash on the spot? Do not think twice as Express Car Removal is the most efficient Car Recycler in Sydney. Call us at 0437 008 000 today to avail our exceptional services in town.