How to Differentiate a Reliable Cash for Car Business from One That Is A Scam

Posted On November 20th, 2018

It’s time to sell your car, and car removal companies have captured your interest. Unfortunately, you aren’t sure how to tell reliable cash for car business form one that may be a scam. No worries. Express Car Removals offers the following information on how to tell if cash for cars company is the real thing or a scam?


How to Spot A Scam Cash for Car Business


When trying to determine whether cash for car buyers is legitimate or not, there are certain signs that you should watch out for.


  1. How Quick Is Their Response Time?


Fake websites and companies aren’t always available during business hours. It is something they may access a few hours of the day, unless a legitimate company. Reliable cash for car buyers responds quickly to your queries. So, if a company fails to provide a prompt response, you should be wary of them.


  1. Does Their Website Look Good?


Check out the company’s website thoroughly. The website should share information on their services as well as how to obtain cash for car quotes. Legitimate companies will be clear and precise with the services they provide and any fees for their services. If the website looks dodgy, chances are that so is the company in question.


Content is crucial, but there is other information that is relevant to the website. If the website is outdated, then it has been neglected. Also, check online for reviews on the company as well as testimonials.


  1. How Many Years of Experience Do They Have?


Whether you are visiting the company at their place of business or contacting them over the phone or online, you should consider their experience. Car selling is a process that is complex and legitimate car buyers will have plenty of information to facilitate a smooth, quick sale. If, when contacted, the company fails to provide satisfactory answers to your queries or are not able to provide ample information on their services and the process to buy cars, move onto another buyer.


  1. Are Their Claims Too Good to Be True?


If the company sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Car removal companies will offer fair cash value for vehicles, solely depending on the car’s condition. Do your research on the company and if they do sound like they are offering more than most removal companies, be sure to check the reviews and testimonials of previous customers to ensure you’re not being taken for a ride.


  1. Will They Provide All the Legal Documents?


If the company does not provide the legal documents, then this is a sign that they are not a legitimate car buyer. The company should provide all paperwork including the transfer of ownership paperwork.


  1. When Will They Make the Payment?


If the company does not provide quick payment, then do not sell your vehicle to them. All legitimate cash for car buyers will provide immediate payment, as that is one of the biggest perks of selling to a cash for car business.


  1. Are There Any Hidden Fees?


Most reliable car removal companies will not tact on any service charges or fees for their services. If the company charges for services then find another.

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