How Do I Sell My Scrap Car For Cash Sydney?

Posted On February 26th, 2018

Cars have revolutionised the way mankind goes about their daily activities, be it commuting to work every day, or just shortening the time taken to get to a family member’s house in another state. That said, we have come a long way since the invention of the first car- cars nowadays can boast lower fuel consumption, enhanced security measures, and features such as a surround sound system and voice recognition. However, in the era of technology, new innovations are created almost every day, and as a result, cars are often changed for newer models. However, car owners don’t have worry about losing all the investments they have put into the old car, as with the help of Express Cash For Cars they can receive up to $9,999 for their old or scrap cars.

Before Selling Your Scrap Car

Before car owners pick up their phones however, they should first have the details of car ownership, the vehicle identification number (VIN), as well as a description of the car, to ensure that they get a fair price for the car. With this information on hand, one can call 0437 008 000 to contact Express Car Removals Sydney for a scheduled car removal. It is worth noting that it doesn’t matter what model, make, condition or year that one’s vehicle is, as Express Car Removals accepts all kinds, be it ravaged, old, broken-down, or no longer working. If one has other vehicles besides from cars, one doesn’t have to worry, as Express Car Removals buys any vehicle operated by motors, be it vans, trucks or even boats.

Step 1: Contact Express Car Removals

The first step to receiving cash for your scrap car is to contact Cash4Cars. There are many ways to do so, including dialling them up at 04- 0212 6513, where a helpful staff member will ask about your car. Another way to contact them would be through their website. Anyone looking to earn some money by selling their vehicle could fill in a simple form to send Cash4Cars a quote. The form will ask for information such as the owner’s name, telephone number, email address, location for pick up, suburb, and the vehicle’s make, model and year, which will help Cash4Cars make a good offer for the car. Car owners can also opt to drop by Cash4Cars office, as they are open twenty-four hours a day, for seven days a week at 26 Jeffrey Street, Kewdale, Western Australia 6105. Otherwise, one can email Cash4Cars at for more information or to make a quote.

Step 2: Arrange For Pick-Up

The next step to take would be to schedule a time and place for the pick-up of the vehicle. Express Car Removals priorities the convenience of their clients, so clients wouldn’t have to worry about making an appointment that interrupts their daily routine. With FREE towing services offered, Express Car Removals will be able to extend their services to all four corners of Sydney, Australia, for further convenience of their clients, as clients can simply get their vehicles towed straight from their backyards. Before towing the car away, representatives from Express Car Removals will first conduct a brief check of the vehicle to ensure that it has the same description as was provided, and after the check, they will pay the client the agreed price for the car. The cash will be handed over on the spot, so car owners will not have to be anxious over being cheated out of their cars.

Express Car Removal Scrap Cars Services


In conclusion, it only takes two easy steps to sell one’s old scrap car, namely to contact the company, and then to meet them for picking up the car. Rest assured that Express Car Removals will offer the best possible prices for your car, and that they will not let you down, as proven by thousands of reviews from people who have used their services. Besides accepting a wide range of vehicles, from cars to trucks, Express car removals will ensure that the convenience of their clients is never compromised through their 24/7 office opening hours and their scheduled pick-up times.