How Do I Find Out The Wholesale Value Of My Car?

Posted On May 2nd, 2022

With so many internet resources, determining the value of a used automobile has never been easier. However, because the market swings so often, some vehicles require more in-depth research. You’ll need to provide some information about your vehicle, regardless of the car valuation calculator you pick.

Here is the information you’ll need to get an estimate of your car’s value: Make, model, and year: You must first disclose the vehicle’s make, model, and year. Most car valuation tools will request the car’s colour, interior, and trim. If you’re unsure about anything, consult the owner’s manual.

Car Valuation


Features: The features and equipment on your vehicle can make or break its worth. To get an accurate estimate, you may ask to identify any specific features or bespoke equipment. Heated steering wheels, plush seats, a custom sound system, and custom rims are frequent examples. If you’ve ever looked at used cars, you know that mileage significantly impacts resale value.

Condition: Your vehicle’s condition is another good determinant of its value. To prevent overestimating the value of your car, be upfront about its condition and read the descriptions of each type before selecting one.

Types of Car Values

Before doing a car valuation, it’s necessary to grasp the variations between automobile values. Some of the figures you might get from a car pricing guide are:

Trade-in Value:

“Trade-in value” means how much a dealership could be willing to pay for your car. “Like the used electronics market, the trade-in value of your vehicle can fluctuate depending on its condition.”

Resale Value In The Private Sector:

The private resale value is the money you could earn if you sold your car directly to another person. The personal resale value is similar to the price you would put your car in a resale marketplace.

The Pre-owned Value That Has Been Certified:

Your automobile will most likely be sold as a certified pre-owned vehicle if you sell it to a dealership. It indicates that the car has undergone a thorough inspection and is covered by a limited warranty. In addition, the car valuation of a certified pre-owned vehicle is frequently higher than the value of a trade-in or dealer resale vehicle.

Dealer Resale Value :

“The dealer resale value refers to the amount of money a dealer is likely to ask for your old car. While this isn’t always exact to the dollar, it might give you a rough idea of how much a dealer would ask for it.

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